Fast, fresh & tasty

Fast, fresh & tasty

bigshots This is a downloadable application from the Apple iTunes Store for your iPad or iPhone. It seeks to answer the question “What’s for dinner tonight?” by delivering meal ideas that are fast, fresh and tasty. It’s a New Zealand application with New Zealand seasonal food and it’s loaded with good ideas. New recipes will be added from time to time so this app should just get better.

It’s a New Zealand move towards more simple and mobile cook books. It’s on your phone and on your iPad. Our problem isn’t that we don’t have a pile of cook books, but that we don’t always have time to pour through them and make a decision on an evening meal.

Fast fresh & tasty has been well conceived. First you’re invited to make a decision whether you’d like seafood, chicken & pork, noodles etc. or you can choose the seasonal recipe list. That’s a relatively easy decision to make. So let’s say you choose the chicken; you can scroll through photographs and basic information such as cooking time for a number of chicken recipes. Perhaps you choose the “Saucy Tuscan chicken”, so clicking “view” shows you the recipe and offers a shopping list. Click the trolley and the list starts. Click the arrow beside the trolley and go to a page about the ingredient. With the saucy Tuscan chicken, this includes Rangitikei corn-fed free range chicken and you’re invited to view their web site and add the item to your shopping list. At the bottom of the ingredients list there’s a “Goes great with” button which for our saucy Tuscan chicken is “Orange & pistachio couscous with toasted almonds”.

The cooking steps are simple, clear and easy to follow.

Navigating the shopping list is easy. You can set the order by department in the grocery store so you shop more efficiently or by recipe. You can email the list from your iPad to allow you to print it, or even better, to get someone else to go to the grocery store or you can text and email the shopping list from your iPhone.

Fast fresh and tasty is the result of collaboration between foodie Karin Grice and Emily Loughnan of Click Suite who specialise in making boutique interactive media. There are so much American recipe apps available and so many recipe sites in general on the web that it was a brave play to build a local recipe site. This one is different. It focuses on the process of putting good, tasty food on the table. It’s collaborative in that it allows easy sharing either of cooking or buying. It will be interesting to see how it develops and progresses.

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