Olive oil

Al Brown & Co.'s olive oil

Unpretentious, good olive oil

al broiwn Chef Al Brown sells olive oil on his website. He's teamed up with The Village Press to make delicious extra virgin olive oil. Al Brown is a self described “chef, fisherman, tv presenter and food writer”. Al delivers recipes and food ideas that are both within our ability to prepare and to understand what he’s looking to achieve.

Al doesn’t specify Al Brown’s Olive oil even though it’s good oil and isn’t priced to kill. Al simply details “cooking oil” imagining that you’re adult enough to make your own mind up about what oil you’ll use.

When he asks for “capers” he says just “capers”. Tomatoes can be any sort you like. If you like them vine ripened, go ahead and use vine ripened. Otherwise use what you’re got.

Al Brown’s olive oil is like Al. It’s smart, it delivers, its unpretentious good olive oil. Oh yes, it’s cold pressed, extra virgin, single variety, southern Hawkes bay. For more information on Al Brown’s olive oil, just try it. Al Brown
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