Dollop puddings

A dollop of this and a dollop of that.

Dollops puddings2 The very name Dollop Puddings oozes a memory for us of how puddings used to be made. Seizing an opportunity to fill a gap in the market on returning home from their OE, university friends, Julia and Christie, launched a return to the real thing. Real ingredients, real recipes and real flavour. Real puddings.

The List can report an unequivocal “oh yes, that’s good!” from those of us delighted to be chosen to taste the Lemon Tart, the Chocolate Molten Torte and oh, that Sticky Date Pudding with Butter Toffee Sauce! Smothered with their award winning Vanilla Bean Custard, we were in heaven.

Both their Raspberry & Boysenberry Compote and their Chocolate Ganache is worth keeping as a cure all – think ice cream, yoghurt, your favourite cereal, fresh fruit.

A Dollop pudding or two (pick your favourites) are a ‘must have’ for your next dinner party. They are available across the country now, testament to the demand for these wonderful desserts.
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